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Advertisers you are in the right place to reach an estimated *32,565,055 people to sell your products and or services. BROOKLYN STATION can reach the Tri-State area for you that has an estimated population of 32,565,055. The coverage areas includes New York City, Long Island, parts of New Jersey, and Connecticut. In addition, we can offer you access to our world-wide online loyal audience when we “Stream Live” throughout the internet in Africa and throughout the world. We also participant on a float in many of the major New York City parades: West Indian Day Parade, National Puerto Rican Day Parade, Pride Parade, the Dance Parade, etc. We reach a loyal audience of rich Caribbean and Multi-Culturally Diverse Listeners. Our target market is loyal, they that support the radio station, patronize our radio’s advertisers (like you), and attend the radio station’s events.  If you would like to reach out to our audiences, call or email for our Current Rate Card:   CLICK TO CHECK OUR  ADVERTISING OPTIONS